Company Overview
Nature Bio-Foods Ltd(NBFL) is pioneer in organic business in India & well recognized  worldwide for its long years of remarkable performances, quality products and trustworthiness.  NBFL has come a long way to establish itself as the leading organic company in India. Nature  Bio-foods Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of LT Foods Ltd (LTF). We passed more than 40  years of remarkable and glorious period in rice business making LTF as one of the most  experienced basmati rice companies in the world. NBFL is the dedicated company of LTF  devoted to control its organic business operation and cater excellent services to customers. Our  Success is resulted from our dedicated involvement in all organic operation, farm production,  manufacturing, packaging and marketing.

Years of committed work enabled us to extend organic cultivation in thousands of hectares of land. Over thousands of farming families joined hands to convert thousands of hectares of land for organic production in the diversified climatic and soil conditions from the foot hills of the Himalayas to the central and southern part of the Indian Subcontinent. Mother Earth is being nourished with all the good practices of the organic farming to produce the best quality products. The strong commitment of NBFL with the farming community for the organic production, followed by high standard quality production and quality control system has resulted in the success of organic business spreading its finest quality products to the consumers across the world.





"The history of company goes back to year 1997. 19 years later, our passionate journey continues; we are deeply involved in the lives of over 80,000 farming families, bringing radical social, economic, and environmental development to their communities"









Nature Bio-Foods Limited created a business model based upon a sustainable business concept of linked prosperity, combining social, product and economic values. We sum it up as ‘making the best possible organic products in the nicest possible way’. Our model is an example of how collaboration among different business and development actors can increased transparency in trading relationships, & generated efficiencies that have helped farmers increase their incomes. We have proved that there can be alternative supply chain practices. We have shown through our business models that farmers are no longer just suppliers of a raw commodity, but can be true partners in the business operations.