Production System





Our production System is designed in such a way that it promote healthy use of water, soil and environment. We are increasing soil biological activities and enhancing the biological diversity within the system. The whole system emphasis on careful processing methods in order to maintain organic integrity and vital qualities of the product at all stages. We are producing, handling crops, maintaining livestock and processing agricultural products according to the  National and International organic standards those set out the methods, practices and substances  for organic production.


NBFL has taken important steps in transforming conventional agricultural production into an organic farming system, with significant benefits for its economy, society and the environment. Our Organic farms are independently certified and approved every year by different reputed national and international agencies.


Our production system involves a contract organic project management & Internal control system for organized organic agricultural farming with group certification system for farmers / group of farmers. We are working in 13 States of India  and  have established  around  75 ICS (Internal Control System) for smooth working and for ensuring the quality product.