Why Organic




In today’s world of busy life, people prioritize areas like rising their income, better fashion & lifestyle, entertainment, improved health treatment, customized health insurance etc.; but, Eating Pure Food (without artificial chemicals) must be a priority for every family members baby to adults as it directly impacts human body and health . Any one desire to have pure food, the only authentic source is Certified Organic Food. It gives FREEDOM from chemicals like pesticides, synthetic preservatives, artificial colours, growth hormones, and irradiation in foods, which are never used in organic food supply chain from field crops to finished products. Daily intake of pure organic food act like medicine which safeguards health as an insurance. In Organic food, it is quintessential that all ingredients are sourced from certified organic farms where crops are grown using organic seed, green manure & compost, herbal and biological control to protect diversified cropping system instead of single crop. Organic farming practice keeps up the health of the mother earth, soil, environment and ecology making it sustainable. All value added processing of the farm crops are done keeping the organic integrity and sanctity with no contact to any artificial chemicals in the entire supply chain



  • Organic food is pure, hygienic, chemical free, nutrious (25% more nutrious in terms of vitamins and minerals as compared to products derived from industrial agriculture)
  • Organic farming improves soil fertility
  • It protect ground water supply.
  • It lead the charge against climate change.
  • Support animal health and welfare
  • Healthy soil leads to healthy plants from which healthy products can be made.
  • Organic farming practices build nutrient-rich soil and they strive to preserve and protect natural habitats and bio-diversity to feed both people and planet.